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When it comes to music and kids, I used to stick to teaching guitar mainly. In the last year, I realised that some children (or their parents) don't always choose the instrument that suits them best, so I started to explore other avenues.
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We also record singers and players. If you ever wanted to record your favourite song but never had the chance, this is your opportunity. It's also a very good learning tool. Check ROCKSTAR

About me:
I've been playing guitar most of my life "in my bedroom" until I met my drummer man with whom I formed a band LOT22, wrote songs, recorded them, created Music videos and played live. Our current band is Playing Strangers. I'm essentially a rhythm guitarist but have been playing bass in our current line-up and find myself tackling other instruments when needed.

Brigitte & Playing Strangers at the Thirsty Dog, Auckland.











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