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My native language is French, 2nd language English. I have been teaching French for years and have developped a successful method. I am also a freelance translator of technical documents.

Improve your French with a native speaker. If you're a total beginner, I will teach you what you need to know in order to start to form sentences up to the level of your choice.

If you already know quite a bit of my language but would like to become fluent, we could engage in some conversations combined with a bit of grammatical tuition when the need arises.

If you have a goal in mind such as a forthcoming trip to a French speaking country, we will prepare a plan of action so you are the best you can be when the time comes.

Test yourself. What level are you?

If you can understand and answer questions in section B, you already have a good level of French, we can build on this and check if your oral French matches your written understanding.

If you can go through section A but not B, I'll help you reach a higher level with a mix of things you want to know and things you need to know.

If section A means nothing to you, you are a total beginner and good on you for wanting to learn a language from scratch. We all start this way.

Section A:
- Quel est ton nom?
- Ou habites-tu?
- Es-tu une fille ou un garcon?
- Est-ce que tu preferes la montagne ou la plage?
- Quelle est ta couleur preferee?

Section B:
- Dans quel pays es-tu ne?
- Qu'aimerais-tu faire que tu n'as pas encore fait?
- Combien de langues parles-tu?
- Qu'est-ce qui t'attire vers le Francais?

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