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Smart driving

It takes sound instruction and years of experience to become a good driver.

How many accidents a year are caused by an Act of God? You don't hear everyday of accidents caused by lightning or a plane crashing on a motorway.

99% of all accidents are caused by lack of attention and observation, themselves caused by lack of knowledge and skills.

They are therefore avoidable. If everyone had top driving skills, there wouldn't be such a thing than a toll road.

Young drivers are particularly at risk as some of them are under the wrong impression that driving is all about handling a vehicle and overlook the most important. Handling a car is as indispensable to driving than running is to playing rugby but it's not because you can run that you can play rugby, as any rugby player would know...

It's just the beginning of a long journey. If you want to be a safe and smart driver, learn from a driving instructor.
Note: I am not currently teaching driving.

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